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RAY'S TREE SERVICE in Tallahassee, Florida

Ray's Tree Service in Tallahassee, Florida  


Ray's Tree Service has been serving the Tallahassee area for 35 years. Ray has the experience to remove your dangerous, unwanted, or dead trees and limbs safely and in a timely manner.

We can haul away your tree, limb, and brush debris and grind your stumps, too.

We offer free estimates, and we can usually get to your needs very quickly; many times within the same week as we give you your estimate.

  •   Tree and Limb Removal / Trimming
  •   Crane Available                                                          
  •   Debris Hauling (biodegradable only)
  •   Stump Grinding
  •   Free Estimates
  •   Insured with Earl Bacon Insurance Agency
  •  Insurance Work